😲 Jaguars Signing TIM TEBOW?!

It’s actually happening: So Tebow, who will be 34 this summer, and who has not taken an NFL snap since 2012 when he was 25, will be returning to the NFL to play for his former college coach, Urban Meyer, in Jacksonville. Apparently Tebow and Meyer live next door to each other down there. And […]

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Who Had the Best Draft?

I don’t do mock drafts, because after the top 6-7 picks it’s basically a crapshoot. Nor do I do “draft grades”, and this is because I think the idea is fundamentally stupid. You’re grading teams on their picks before their picks have even taken a snap in so much as an NFL offseason rookie minicamp? […]

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🚨🚨🚨 Aaron Rodgers Tells Packers He’s DONE With Them

I was just watching NFL Live on ESPN and they had Adam Schefter on. He was talking about some potential draft day trades or something, I can’t even remember anymore, but before they cut to commercial break, he said, “I’ll have some breaking news when we come back.” When he came back, he dropped the […]

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🚩 Is DeVonta Smith’s Weight a Red Flag?

He weighed in at 166lbs and measured at 6’ even. Previously he’d be listed around 175 and even that teams thought was too small. Now that we have official word that he’s 166, it has people wondering if he’s just too small to be an effective NFL receiver. I’m sure he’s sliding down draft board […]

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2021 NFL Draft QB Rankings: #4, Mac Jones

People have gotten into this mindset where if a quarterback is perceived as “unathletic” then he’s got no shot in today’s NFL. It’s true that QB mobility is more important than ever in today’s NFL. But let’s not jump the gun and act like arm talent is not still the single most important factor for […]

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Breaking Down Kevin Durant’s All-Time 12-Man Roster

Recently, KD went on a podcast and was asked what his all-time 12-man roster would be. This was his answer: I’m not surprised he put himself in the all-time starting five. I think he actually has a case, but I’m not sure I would include him, personally. As great as he is, he’s just not […]

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The Bengals’ New Uniforms: Definitely Better

The Cincinnati Bengals have unveiled their new look for 2021: They’re pretty similar to what they currently have, but there are some noticeable differences: The new uniforms are definitely cleaner and, in my opinion, more professional. I like the new number font more than the old one, for sure. It’s not my personal favorite but […]

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