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How Difficult is it to Have a Successful Draft?

I went through every NFL draft since 2000 and tallied up the number of Pro Bowlers by round: Now, it looks like talent is dropping off in recent years, but it’s just because the players drafted from about 2017 on just haven’t been in the league long enough to realize their full potential. You can […]

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Zion Williamson is Insanely Efficient

Remember when people used to doubt Zion? “His weight!” “He doesn’t shoot the three!” “Injury-prone!” Well, he’s played 41 of 41 games now this year and is averaging the following: 25.7ppg 7.0rpg 3.4apg 62.6% eFG 65.9% True Shooting 9.9 made field goals per game, 15.9 field goal attempts per game 27.3 PER 25.7 points per […]

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