pro football

🚩 Is DeVonta Smith’s Weight a Red Flag?

He weighed in at 166lbs and measured at 6’ even. Previously he’d be listed around 175 and even that teams thought was too small. Now that we have official word that he’s 166, it has people wondering if he’s just too small to be an effective NFL receiver. I’m sure he’s sliding down draft board […]

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Fantasy Football

Outlook for Bucs WRs Against Rams: Not Good

Anyone who owns Tampa WRs in fantasy football knows the Rams are expected to be a tough matchup. The Rams are currently the stingiest defense in the league against wide receivers in fantasy. So what can Godwin/Evans/AB owners expect on Monday night against the Rams? Is there any chance the Bucs receivers can turn in […]

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Just How Bad Are the Patriots At Drafting Offensive Skill Players?

After an impressive start in their first three games in which the Patriots beat the Dolphins 21-11, narrowly lost at Seattle 35-30, then beat the Raiders 36-20, in their last three games, the New England Patriots have scored 10, 12 and 6 points against the Chiefs, Broncos and 49ers respectively. The Patriots offense is completely […]

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